Coming soon: the lightweight FATBike Fully!

Coming soon: the lightweight FATBike Fully!

Konnte beim Fahren klar überzeugen, beim Wiegen jedoch nicht. Der Huraxdax von Maxx.

Convincing during riding – but not during wieghing: the Huraxdax by Maxx.

Hier gehts zur Deutschen Version!

It's been a while since we last wrote about fully suspended FATBikes or, as we call ‚em, FATFullies. We had some great fun back in march when we test rode the Alutech Fat Fanes and Maxx Huraxdax full suspension FATBikes. In a nutshell there were two key results at the end of our test: they're damn fast. And they're damn fat (and yes, we mean the overweight kinda fat!).

In our article about the Maxx Huraxdax we have placed a merely hidden request towards Maxx to make a concept and build a lightweight FATBike Fully together with us. And they agreed! So it's on the its way: the leightweight FATBike Fully!

So what's the idea?

Am Tester verwandelt eine Shimano Zee Geschwindigkeit gnadenlos in Wärme.

For sure this is a place for us to optimize.

First things first: we will not yet present the bike today. We will present the concept. Take it as a teaser! So, here's the idea: sitting together with the team of Maxx our intention was to build a triple realistic bike.

Realistic #1: the bike has to be reasonably priced. Everyone can build a super light bike using hyper expensive NASA grade parts. On the other hand you and I know that a top notch bike will not sell for 2 or 3 grand. Our intention was a lightweight FATBike Fully with that price tag that will not knock you out.

Realistic #2: the leightweight FATBike Fully must be equipped with solid and race proven stock parts rather than overengineered stuff from the niche. We want the full reliability you would expect from a FATBike. No if's or but's!

Realistic #3: No weight save by downsizing parts, no wimpy stuff and rider weight limits other than on the standard bike. It shall be a lightweight FATBike Fully you can just use. Brakes, Parts, Suspension: everything has to be rock solid and provide the riding fun you are used to!

And here we go: project „Huraxdax SL“!

Der Huraxdax. Strahlt mit der Sonne um die Wette!

Der Huraxdax. Strahlt mit der Sonne um die Wette!

When we started the project (inofficial code name „Huraxdax SL“) our intention was to cut something around 2 kg to push the Maxx Huraxdax into a much more comfortable 14-point-something kg zone. So together with the creative team of Maxx we started from scratch and thought about where to save weight without losing strength and durability. Not every idea of course was an innovation… Frankly spoken the least were. However it was crucial for us not to simply order any lightweight parts to build any lighweight bike. Every bit and piece was well thought out and had to be in line with our approach.

Though, when we started we didn't know how much interest this project would draw. Not only the creative heads of Maxx joined forces but our idea also attracted some other manufacturers who jumped in to provide us with their latest dietary parts. So concluding we can say that we well reached our 2 kg target! Realistically!

So what?


The stock Huraxdax. There will be „a few“ changes…

So is this gonna be a super skinny zero size model?!? Ah, get out! No way! But we think that the result will turn over a new leaf in fully suspended FATBiking. Saying that we think about riding a marathon with it. Or use it on tours where carrying the bike on your shoulders is part of the game. Or just race your home trails with a bike that provides a familiar size and weight. All things you maybe don't want to go for with your chunky 16+ kg FATFully.
Interested in the result? Then just click here and read on!

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