Sneak Preview: Specialized S-Works FatBoy Carbon.


Specialized S-Works FatBoy Carbon

Hier geht's zur deutschen Version!

Sieht schonmal geil aus!

Damn hot!

A few days ago we gave a brief overview of Specialized's FATBike line up for 2016. But we just had a few bits of paper… But bikes are made for riding so we grabbed our stuff and went straight to Specialized. We took a close look on 2016 FATBikes and even did a Hellga testride. Well… Actually we had someone do this for us…

HOWEVER…. There's a time for everything – but today we want to talk about some really, really serious stuff! We'll take a look at the absolute highlight, the pride of the family, the ultimate Specialized FATBike: the S-Works FatBoy Carbon!

Uncompromising. Part I.

XX1 Shifter, Guide RS Bremse und jede Menge Carbon

XX1 Shifter, Guide RS brakes and a whole lot of carbon

S-Works has ever been the heart and soul of Specialized bikes. Under the S-Works label Specialized drives things to the max, builds what is technically possible. Who can remember the Specialized S-Works Ultimate frame featuring carbon fiber tubes glued onto hand welded titanium links…? That's how to make bicycle history.

So, also the S-Works FatBoy is a rolling superlative. There's carbon as far as the eye can see. Frame, fork, handlebar, seatpost, break levers, saddle rails, cranks and even the rims are made of it. Sure you can also make diamonds from carbon. But who the hell needs that?!?

Great in details. Not „even“ – but „particularely“!

Ein Blick auf's Ganze. Die Liebe steckt aber vor allem im Detail!

Take a look. Love is in the detail!

Having a look into the S-Works FatBoy Carbon's details you will find it's real beauty. All cables are routed not only within the frame but also within the fork! The awesome H.E.D. carbon rims are linked to the DT hubs using super thin 1.6mm spokes. Thanks to threaded through axles no quick release levers destroy the clear lines. And the colour concept of matt carbon look combined with some badass stripes in glossy red, white, grey and black is just timeless.

Hier ist noch Platz für Dropper Post und Umwerfer!

There is ample room to fit cables for dropper post and front derailleur!

Even parts that usually come from Specialized's own shelves are just „more“ on this bike. So it's a Syntace stem that connects rider and fork.
Seriously nothing on this bikes seems to be there just because there was no alternative. No, all parts appear to be made just for this bike!

Ah, well, and unlike our first impression there actually IS room for superFAT tires. The shown bike rolls in on 4.6 inch Ground Control rubber.

Mission precision

DT Nabe, Guide RS Bremse, XX1 Kassette, H.E.D. Felge. Herrliche Aussichten!

DT hub, Guide RS brake, XX1 cassette, H.E.D. rims. F***ing fantastic!

The equipment that is screwed onto the FatBoy Carbon follows the same logic. Simply the best. The Sram XX1 is complete, no cheap tricks. Questions, anyone? Break- and shift levers share the same mounting and talking about brakes we found one of the biggest innovations on the S-Works FatBoy Carbon: a Sram Guide RS Carbon four caliper brake combined with huge 200/180mm discs now finally provides ample braking power.

Und nochmal aus einer anderen Perspektive.

Same story, different angle.

But also the less obvious things are just great. There is 150mm front hub – ready to fit a suspension fork into the FatBoy Carbon. And even the frame has matching rubber pieces to prevent damage by a suspension fork hitting the frame. Moreover there is a maintenance flap under the bottom bracket so you can easily access the internally routed cables without removing the bottom bracket.
Typically Specialized: the SWAT toolkit that allows some minor emergency repair right on the trail.

Well, the fact that there is only one chainring fitted to the Race Face Next SL cranks may be a price for the bike's low overall weight. However this is the only real technical drawback the S-Works FatBoy Carbon has. For us „one-by“ shift kits on FATBikes are something like a Ming vase: nice but useless. Yet it seems as if the frame provides all you need to retro-fit a front derailleur plus cable, so you should be able to pump it up to a real racebike. We're currently checking with Specialized if and how this can be realized.

The final weight of the FatBoy Carbon has not yet been confirmed but should end up around 11 kg. However, according to Specialized weight was not on top of their priority list. Instead the FatBoy Carbon was built to last.

Ein Fall für zwei? Wir denken schon!

Room for two? That's what we think!

Uncompromising. Part II.

Organisch und aus einem Guss...

Just one organic shape…

So, let's come to another drawback. The price. It seems quite obvious that discussions about the FatBoy Carbon's price tag are as useful as trying to bargain your local Bentley dealer. Yet we want to mention it as the firework of material, components and build quality has it's price, of course. And it's a breath-taking amount of 6.999,- Euros that trickles out of your well filled wallet before you (legally) roll off the bike shop. That hurts. But it leaves you with the good feeling that you give a shit on money but rather own one of the most sophisticated FATBikes money can currently buy.

So what?

Das kleine Schwarze für Männer!

The little black dress for men!

The S-Works FatBoy Carbon belongs to the Creme de la Creme of all FATBikes. This baby is one big superlative, uncompromising in detail and equipped with everything that is of destinction.
So, do you need it? Probably not, given that you could buy two, three or even more ordinary FATBikes for the same money. However this question is sort of superfluous. Who needs a convertible – a ten years old Golf drives well, too. Who needs a Swiss timepiece – your mobile measures time with much more precision. But those things are just nice!
Sadly there is – way too often – a big price tag hanging on the sweet things in life. However sometimes it's just the time to reward yourself.


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    • Matt

      Hi Graham,

      Thanks for the comment. This a medium sized 17.5 inches frame. Its top tube is a bit more slopy than it’s on Specialized’s aluminum FATBike frames which gives a difference appearance yet the seat tube is equally long.
      Being nearly 1,90m tall we ride these frames with just different stem length (85mm instead of stock size). They fit like gloves do.

      FAT regards


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